Crimes Reported
in London Ontario

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Neighbourhood Watch Program Crime Statistics 2014-2016

Neighbourhood Watch London and the London Police Crime Analyst Unit have worked together to analyze crime comparisons both inside and outside a Neighbourhood Watch Area. Each crime category is based on citywide statistics for both the total population of London and the Neighbourhood Watch population.

The above class of offence types is core-centric with the highest density of these offences taking place in the downtown area (generally Thames River to Adelaide, and Oxford St. to the tracks near York St.) where there are not too many Neighbourhood Watch Areas…which is why we excluded the downtown area.

* The population of London used is 383,822 based on 2016 Statistics Canada reporting. The population for NWl used is 63,800 based on 22,000 NWL households averaging 2.9 persons/home (22,000x2.9). The NWL map from November 2016 was used to identify offences inside and outside of watch areas.