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Neighbourhood Watch London’s ‘Watch Area Program’ is a program where neighbours unite and work together. We believe that a safe neighbourhood is one where neighbours talk to each other, and become familiar with their neighbourhood. Where neighbours take the time to know what is going on, look out for and care about each other. If something out of the ordinary is observed it is reported to London Police Services and then to the other members of their Neighoburhood Watch area. No one knows more about what is going on in a neighbourhood than those that live there.

Studies prove that vibrant and thriving Neighbourhood Watch communities are safer and less likely to be targeted.

Setting up a Watch is simple and anyone living in the City of London can belong to a Neighbourhood Watch community. Our dedicated staff will help you get started and ensure that you get all the support and resources you need to have a successful ‘Neighbourhood Watch’.

How it Works

The word “Watch” Simply means ‘to look out for’.  It works by bringing people together, with a common purpose to create a safe neighbourhood. The Watch Area is lead by a volunteer from the neighbourhood we call an Area Coordinator.  To find out more about becoming an Area Coordinator click here.

We work with members on how they can:

  • Make their homes and apartments safer and less inviting for thieves;
  • Communicate in effective ways with one another and London Police Services;
  • Participate in Operation Identification;
  • Identify suspicious activity in the neighbourhood
  • Be aware when your neighbours are away on vacation and watch each others home
What Does Membership Involve?

Becoming a member of Neighbourhood Watch involves a commitment to:

  • Improve your home security whether you own or rent.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Report any crime that is occurring and any suspicious activity to the London Police Services and then to your neighbours.
  • Increasing and perfecting communication with your neighbours
  • Receive notifications from Area Co-coordinators about criminal activity in your watch area zone with a particular focus on Break and Enters to Dwellings and Car Thefts.

The benefits of being in a Neighbourhood Watch:

  • Receive ongoing investment in the program
  • Develop a sense of community and belonging
  • Feel safer and more secure
  • Enjoy the benefit of between 16-24% reduction in crime in their areas, in some cases up to 50%
  • Participate with information sharing, celebrations and recognition
  • Receive a discount on your car and property insurance should you choose to be insured with Allstate Insurance
  • Receive a Neighbourhood Watch Personal Safety Walk

***Note: By becoming a member of Neighbourhood Watch you understand that it does NOT involve patrolling the neighborhood, chasing people or knowing your neighbours personal business.


As a member of Neighbourhood Watch London you will:

  1. Become part of a community that helps keep your neighbourhood safe
  2. Receive alerts about break & enter from vehicle and/or home in and around your neighbourhood
  3. Receive Support in how to communicate with London Police Services
  4. Have access to resources to help make your home safe and less of a target for thieves
  5. Develop a sense of community and belonging
  6. Enjoy the benefit of between 16-24% reduction in crime in their areas