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Welcome to our resources page. Here you’ll find a wide variety of tips and resources to help make your community safer. 

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Download the free Neighbourhood Watch TRACtag App and join our online Community Watch Network.  Identifies stolen property, missing individuals and lost pets, using a smartphone. No purchase required, just a smartphone and a few keystrokes.  Simply follow the instructions below and join our Community.

  1. Download the free TRACtag App.  Turn on Bluetooth & Location Services
  2. Register, login and tap on “Join Community Watch Networks”
  3. Join the Neighbourhood Watch London program

It’s that simple, your smartphone is now part of building a safer community. (KYCS – Keep your community Safe)


Homefinder™ Plates are reflector address plates designed to better enable Emergency Services to locate your home in the dark. “When seconds count, any delay in finding a correct street address can hurt response times” (London Firefighter quote)

Cost for 8” x 8” or 8 x 16”:

Type of Plate Cost for Member Cost for Non-Member
No Border $25.00 $30.00
Regular Border $30.00 $35.00
Modern $35.00 $40.00
Fancy $35.00 $40.00


O.A.R.S. Acronym

We use the acronym O.A.R.S. to help us remember that awareness helps build neighbourhood safety and reduces opportunities for crime.


Knowing and seeing what is out of the ordinary


Recognizing your neighbours and letting possible intruders know they have been observed.


Letting London Police know about all suspicious and criminal activity.


Knowledge is a powerful tool that helps prevent crime.  By sharing, and talking to your neighbor, we know that we can work together to keep the neighbourhood safe.

Apartment Buildings & Condominiums

Security in an apartment building presents its own set of challenges. Living somewhere with a secured entrance helps, click on this link and read about things you will want to be aware of and tips to help keep you safe while living in an apartment building.


Your personal safety and the safety of customers and employees should always come first. Read our valuable information on what you can do to discourage crime in and around your business.

Scams & Alerts

Attempted Online or Email Fraud?

Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre.

This is a joint forces organization combined of RCMP, OPP, and municipal police forces as well as the bankers association, FBI, CSIS, INTERPOL and local institutions (as the case requires).

They may be contacted on:
1-888-495-8501 or (705) 495-8501

Or via their website where you can leave details regarding the incident/scam online: Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre

Or by email:

Catch up on information you may have missed:

  1. Common Scams (October 2014)
  2. CRA Scam (September 2014)
  3. Pushy Door to Door Sales (October 2014)
  4. WestJet Scam (September 2014)

Safety for Seniors

Download our Safer Communities for Seniors Brochure

Some Common Senior Safety Issues:

  • Street Safety
  • Improper outside lighting
  • Walkway maintenance
  • Mobility
  • Fire Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Interior home safety

Some Common Senior Fraud Issues:

  • Identity Theft
  • Banking Fraud
  • Home Renovation
  • Public Utility
  • Telemarketing Scams
  • Medical
  • Charity

Personal Safety


New Technology To Identify Your Personal Property

The Trace Identified Pen is an anti-theft device helping residents to mark their property so that in the event ...
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